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A car accident, even a minor one, can cause long-lasting negative effects. At first, you may not notice the impact of the accident, however, the pain can build over the next few days. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how you are feeling and take steps to care for yourself.

Did you know?

Everyone who has sustained a motor vehicle accident in Alberta is entitled to treatment based on injuries assessed by a primary care provider such as (family doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist).

Below is a list of suggestions to follow after a car accident:

  1. Go see a primary health care provider such as your family doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist - This primary health care provider will assist in completing your AB-1 form (as included in #2).

  2. Call your MVA Insurance provider - The insurance provider will guide you in completing the necessary forms such as the AB-1 form:

After seeing your primary care provider they may suggest the following:

  1. Use Topical Anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation of sore spots.

  2. Guidelines for safe home exercises and stretching.

  3. The use of ice to decrease localized inflammation or heat to relax certain muscles.

  4. Big and bold: Active rehab: did you know that reducing your activity after an accident for a length of time can cause muscle loss, deconditioning and lower your function. It’s important to keep moving with guidance from a healthcare provider to keep your muscles active and your joints moving.

Disclaimers: These are suggestions and are not a substitute for a visit to your family doctor. This is intended for minor accidents without attendance of emergency services.

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